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South Shore commercial exterminators offering rodent elimination as well as several extermination related services including cockroach, ant and mouse control. Protex is also one of the best pest control companies in Montreal or Laval.


Commercial extermination company located in the South Shore of Montreal

When it comes to down to the exterminators and pests control business, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, pest free environment. That’s why we offer the best pest control services to eliminate, prevent & control any unwanted mouse, ant, cockroach, bug or rodent without risking your health. Protex Extermination has been serving the Montreal, South Shore and Laval areas for several years and maintaining a high level of service.

One of the best pest control companies in the Montreal area

As a commercial pest control company and among one of the best extermination companies in the Laval, Montreal or South Shore area, we believe that maintaining a strong relationship with our clients will make sure that we have a good understanding of the rodent, cockroach or bug situation and the specifics required to eliminate your problems with mice and other pests.

The sooner our exterminators solve your problems with mice, bugs and other pests, the sooner you can get on with your life. We have the best commercial pest control service plans at unbeatable prices, so call us at 514-561-8933 for a free estimate today.

Extermination programs customized to the needs of your company

Protex Extermination offers clients the most effective and reliable level of service in the pest control industry. We will customize an extermination program to your needs that will be based on a detailed inspection of your commercial facility. We believe that a complete commercial inspection at your company is the best way to exactly find where the bug, rodent, cockroach, mouse or ant problem is, and what may have caused the pest infestation.

Protex Extermination has a reputation as a leader in the pest control business in the South Shore, Montreal, and Laval areas and is committed to continuing to provide training to its exterminators to ensure that the companies that work with us receive the most effective and professional service in the industry.

Our exterminators will take care of any bug or rodent problem in Montreal, Laval or the South Shore

When working with a company as professional as Protex Extermination, you can be sure that our pest control experts will help your company and clients with great piece of mind. We provide companies in the Montreal, Laval or South Shore area with effective commercial pest control services and work with our clients in order to achieve the most effective solutions to all their pests management needs. Trust the exterminators at Protex Extermination to effectively eliminate your problems with mice or your cockroach or ant issue – we will take care of any bug or rodent problem!

South Shore exterminators offering the best services to clients around Montreal Montreal exterminator for all types of undesirable pests including mice & cockroaches