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Spider Exterminators

There are about 12 different species of house spiders. Although their appearance can vary depending on the species, all spiders have a body which is divided into two distinct parts connected by a small waist, or the cephalothorax (or prosoma) and abdomen. Spiders have two chelicerae, two palps, eight legs and up to eight eyes.

General Information

Indoors, spiders are sometimes found on firewood, linen and vegetation that came from outside. They can also be found around windows or near outdoor lighting. They prefer these places because their food source, other insects are there. Spiders are known to produce silk spun by small protrusions called spinnerets, located at the tip of the abdomen.

The female can lay up to fifty eggs together in a silk pouch, and reproduce 9 pouches of eggs per season. When environmental conditions are adequate, the pouches hatch after a week. Growth of spiderlings is by successive moults of the exoskeleton.

Preparing for treatment

  • For the application of a liquid treatment, make all treatment surfaces accessible (move furniture away from the edge of the walls, as well as, in front of cracks and crevices in dark and wet areas).
  • Consult the technician to determine if a surface treatment is necessary.
  • Plan to leave your home for the duration of the treatment and return only after 4 hours. Wherever possible, open windows for 20 minutes upon your return. It is also important to not walk barefoot on treated areas for 48 hours after treatment.