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Fly Extermination

The housefly is between 4 mm and 7.5 mm in length and has 4 dark stripes on the thorax. This winged insect has 6 short legs. The head has two large compound eyes that cover most of its surface and very small antennas.

General Information

Flies are very common insects and are irritating in residential or commercial areas. They are attracted by the presence of decaying debris or excrement from which they feed. Since the fly is often in contact with all kinds of bacteria and wanders about on people and their food, they could transmit diseases.


The life cycle of the fly can last 8 days in ideal conditions. Females reproduce 4 times during their lifespan of approximately 4 weeks.


Preparing for treatment

  • Empty all bins, especially those containing organic waste.
  • Block all holes and make sure to install window screens (in good condition) wherever possible.
  • Plan that an AJS specialist could place fly traps in your home. These fly traps should not be moved.