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Carpenter Ant

One of the largest ants, from 0.65 cm to 0.95 cm. The most common species is black, but some display a reddish or yellowish. The workers have large mandibles.

Life Cycle:
The queens lay 15 to 20 eggs the first year and up to 30 eggs the second year. Eggs complete their life cycle in sixty days. The workers have a lifetime maximum of seven years, while a queen may live up to 25 years.

This ant lives in the damp wood, hollow or decaying place outside or inside the house. She digs galleries in the wood grain to open passages between different sections of the nest. It may leave residues like sawdust, which provide guidance as to the location of the nest.
Do not eat wood, but feed on almost all human food - especially meat and sugary foods. Also eats other insects.
All types of buildings, regardless of their age or type of construction, are vulnerable to infestation of carpenter and to the damage they may cause. It is a species very difficult to control. A colony may include up to 50,000 workers.